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Tips on Shaving



Preparing.. SKIN TYPE: ALL
  • To get the best shave, you skin needs to be moist throughout the shave, but make sure you avoid using hot water as it can cause oil production
  • Get a good Razor with a comfortable grip, so it is easy to manouver around those hard to reach areas. We recommend our Bolin Webb Razors
  • If you are using a shaving cream, use a brush to lift up hairs and provide a better lather. It alsoto help exfoliate the skin, removing any dirt.

Choose a product: 

Treating Shaving Problems:

  • Use 'The Cool Fix' to treat all your shaving woes, as it targets razor burns, ingrown hairs and also rashes. This all in one treatment is great for those quick fixes!
  • For a long term fix, use Kyoku's Razor repair balm before you shave to ensure you get the best possible shave
  • Check out our Shaving Rash section for more great products to help with all your Shaving problems
  • Blunt razors are a common cause of rashes, so make sure you change your blades regularly!

How to Choose a Product:

  • If you have dry or easily irritated skin, avoid using a gel or foam as these can dry out your skin, creating air pocket, which can cause irritation
  • Shaving gels are great for those people who need to shave in ahurry as they provide quick lubrication for shaving
  • Pre-Shave Oils not only lubricate and moisturize, but they reduce friction and irritation from shaving
  • Shaving creams provide a great solution, by hydrating the skin and providing lubrication for the razor to glide. They also help to remove dirt!


Step by Step Routine...






Aftershave Balm

  • Shave after a shower as the hot water helps to loosen the pores and soften your hair for a CLOSER SHAVE
  • Apply your pre-shave product of choice to soften your hair and allow the razor to glide
  • Allow the razor to glide- Don't put pressure, just allow it to glide.
  • Shave in the direction your hair grows- if you find it difficult to find the direction, run your fingers across the area to feel and follow the pattern.
  • For stubborn hair, reapply shaving cream and shave in a sideways motion, with small strokes to prevent irritation
  • Finally, pat skin dry using a towel, then apply an aftershave balm for maximum comfort.
  • They moisturise your skin, repairing damaged skin and preventing redness.
  • For dry skin, avoid aftershaves with alcohol as these dry skin. For sensitive skin, use a product with aloe vera
  • For all your shaving problemsNeed an immediate fix after shaving use 'The Cool Fix'

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